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The Internet is now the biggest advertising medium in the UK, increasing £82m to gain a market share of 23.5%.

Online advertising has overtaken TV advertising for the first time, growing 4.6% to £1.75bn in the first half of 2009.

The Internet is now the biggest advertising medium in the UK, increasing £82m to gain a market share of 23.5%.

Online spending grew 4.6% to £1.752bn in the first half of 2009, while TV spending shrank 16.1% to £1.639bn.

Overall advertising fell 16% compared with the same period in 2008, said the study by the Internet Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The online growth comes despite an overall contraction in the advertising sector of 16.6% during the first half of the year. Advertisers £1.64bn spent on TV advertising in the same period.

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) report also showed the technology industry is the biggest online advertising spender, accounting for 19.1% of the market. The telecoms industry was the next biggest, with 13.3%, followed by finance, entertainment and media, and consumer goods.

The recession had accelerated the migration of advertising spending to digital technology - from more traditional media such as print, radio and television advertising to online, according to the report.

Television advertising remained the most effective advertising medium but was even more effective when put together.

Why advertise on the Internet?
  • Internet advertising is closer to people than traditional mass marketing.
  • Internet audiences are primarily made up of educated, well-off youth.
  • Allows you to customize your advertisement and target specific audiences for more effective campaigns.
  • Permits detailed analytics about how many people actually see your ad by counting page impressions and click-throughs.
  • Internet advertising is the fastest and cheapest way to reach consumers all over the world and in your own backyard.
  • Gives consumers a chance to express their preferences and interests, enhancing the efficiency and efficacy of the ad.
  • If you have a website, ads will increase traffic to your site, resulting in:
    • Increased demand for your product/service.
    • Enhanced loyalty of current customers.
    • Provision of more detailed and accurate information about your product / service.
    • Permits consumer feedback, which helps in developing and targeting the product / service.
    • Brings in extra income through e-commerce and facilitates surveys.

  • Dedicated Pages (YouTube, FaceBook, ...)
  • Paid Search Marketing (PPC) (Yahoo, Google, MSN, …)
  • Social Media Optimization (FaceBook, YouTue, SkyRock, …)
  • News TVs & Newspapers (CNN, Al-Arabiya, Al-Jazeera, Annahar, Al-Balad, El-Nashra, Al-Hayat, L'Orient Le Jour, Al-Tayyar, Assafir, …)
  • Bulk SMS
  • Bulk Emails

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